Wicked Om Yoga is a yoga school and fitness consulting firm in the South Shore of Massachusetts. We provide exceptional yoga teacher trainings – including our 200-Hour Power Yoga Teacher Training, Advanced Teacher Training and our Yoga & Sculpt Teacher Training. We work with fitness studios to help them deal with any issues they are facing – from teachers to students – and help them grow, both in revenue and in the community.

Want to advance your yoga practice? Curious to learn more about what you love? Interested to become or grow as a yoga teacher? Our well-rounded trainings held in the South Shore of Massachusetts combine education, hands-on experience, and a community of yoga enthusiasts.

We are super excited to announce our newest venture – Yoga Retreats. Check out our Yoga Retreat page to join us on our next adventure!

Our Mission

We desire to create an educational atmosphere that students will love being around. Our programs are intended to empower students to tackle challenges and take on experiences that may be new to them. At Wicked Om Yoga, we are constantly striving to make learning fun and dynamic so that all of our students can accomplish their goals.

200-Hour Power Yoga Teacher Training

  • This training is designed to deepen your yoga practice, help you become more disciplined, increase your strength and flexibility and teach to connect with your deeper self.
  • You will study asana (postures), pranayama (breath work), self-reflection and philosophy. Learn the benefits of yoga, proper alignment and safe, creative sequencing.
  • Feel empowered to express yourself authentically, learn leadership skills and ways to connect with your community. You will not only get physically stronger, but gain mental clarity, balance and awareness.

Interested in diving deeper in to your yoga practice or becoming a yoga instructor? Wicked Om offers a 10-week Yoga Teacher Training program 2-3 times a year.

Fitness Studio Consultation

  • As a studio manager for one of the largest corporate yoga studios in the nation, Ciara launched three brand new studios in Baltimore, an untapped market for CorePower Yoga in 2015-2016. Hired, mentored, and trained two full-time employees, nearly 50 instructors, and 60 Studio Experience Team Members.
  •  Provided exceptional performance, brand awareness, program enrollment and execution, community partnerships and authentic connections.
  • Created action plans to increase brand quality of yoga classes, enroll and led several 200-Hour Power Yoga Teacher Trainings, as well as other trainings offered.

Interested in meeting with us to learn how to increase student numbers, revenue or work through studio issues your facing as a studio owner? Contact us now for a free 30 minute consultation.

Yoga Mentorship

  • Wicked Om Yoga’s Mentorship Program is designed to serve as a program for students and teachers after their teacher training, regardless of how long it’s been since you graduated. With one-on-one guidance, wisdom, and practical feedback, teachers will start to flourish and grow on and off their mat.
  • During this 8 week program, participants will receive ongoing education in yoga philosophy, pranayama, anatomy, asana and living yoga. Mentorship provides individual focus, with someone who has your best interests at heart and wants to see you become the strongest version of yourself. 
  • With a personalized program that is based on your goals, skills and where you are now in your teaching journey, we’ll work to identify your strengths and weaknesses and grow from there.