You've heard of all the benefits of Ayurveda and are interested in learning more

You want to nourish your body through farm-to-tabe and in- season food + replenish your soul with mindful movement and community

You're looking for self-care practices that you can fully embody in your every day life.

You're feeling stressed and burnt out and are looking for space to rest and calm your nervous system

This Retreat is perfect for you if you...

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Ayurveda workshops inspired by holistic healing and wellness + so much more!

Nourishing Farm-to-table meals cooked with love by our private chef

Daily mindful, Embodied movement + meaningful group reflection

Imagine a weekend filled with...

Our Fall Ayurveda + Yoga Wellness Retreat is a special getaway to ground and nourish our bodies from the inside out. Join us to experience space away from the stress of everyday life. Gather with like-minded women to practice self-care, nourish your body, breath and soul and reconnect with yourself through mindful movement, embodied practices, Ayurveda and nourishing farm-to-table meals with our private chef.

Ayurveda is a way to come back home to ourselves

I think Ciara did a wonderful job of facilitating the experience without being controlling or dictating. There was a balance to the whole weekend that made the experience feel both informative/educational and also a break from "real" life. 

- Jenny D

"This retreat has solidified for me the power and restorative nature of women coming together. I think it is very special to be able to come together with other women to share, learn and reflect."

access to the gorgeous +private 11 acre property including a hot tub, outdoor sauna and fire pit.

ayuredic workbook + Special gift from us

ayurveda workshops: living well + ayurvedic skin-care

seasonally inspired meals cooked with love by our private chef

Daily Yoga, Meditation + Group Reflection

Ready to nourish your body and soul from the inside out? Join us in Vermont this April and get:

What's included?

Ciara is friendly, personable, supportive, and knowledgeable. She make class sessions fun and engaging and did an incredible job creating a sense of community.

To say I LOVE learning and teaching about yoga, movement, and wellness is an understatement - I have more than 5,000 hours of teaching and more than 2,000 hours of training under my belt! I've studied under Katie Silcox, Ally Bogard, Abbie Galvin, Jillian Pransky, Sarah Duvall and many more incredible teachers. I love traveling and lead yoga, ayurveda and wellness retreats all over the world.

Figuratively balancing two girls under four, two dogs, a husband, and a yoga school. Literally balancing on a paddleboard.

Always learning more about: ayurveda, the divine feminine, restorative yoga, herbalism, plants, gardening, hormones, cycles, and women's health..

Hi there! I'm Ciara and I am so glad you are here...

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