A Womb Wisdom Immersion

Embodied Cycle

Join Ciara Desmond + Samantha Carney for this beautiful and profound 12-month immersion program to connect and expand your knowledge on your cycle, the seasons, the divine feminine, goddesses,  lunar energy, Ayurveda, embodiment practices, herbalism and more!

Each module is inspired by the seasons and you get complete access to this year long immersion (with more than 200-hours worth of content!) and more when you sign up.

This program is filled with pre-recorded video and audio lectures, live workshops with expert guest facilitators, so many amazing resources and a beautiful community to support you on your cycle and womb wisdom journey.

If you are looking to learn more about your cycles and tap into your inner wisdom - this program is for you!

As women and girls, our bodies are innately in tune with these natural rhythms of nature. From the moon to the seasons to the ebbing and flowing of the tides, we can examine the parallels between our own emotional, biological and energetic cycles. 

I'm ready to explore my cycles!

our cycles, seasons and phases

archetypes, goddesses + rituals

ayurveda + the elements

women's health, fertility, pregnancy, postpartum and menopause

energetic anatomy. embodied movement practices and so much more

Embodied Cycle will transform the way that you approach the physical, energetic and emotional aspects of what it means to be a divinely wild woman and empower you to live in harmony with your cycles, inner wisdom and creative fire. 

During this immersion, we will dive in to:

The Format

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It's a place where you can come back home to yourself

What is Embodied Cycle?

A gathering where you can dive deep into the crevices of your feminine energy and explore the raw power and beauty already within you. 

This immersion is a pathway, a guide, and an offering of both ancient and modern practices to help you explore your most sacred and powerful life force - your womb.

Come explore the seasons of life, the phases of your cycle, learn more about your menstrual cycle, fertility, Ayurveda and the elements, supportive herbs for all stages of your life and so much more. Leave with a new sense of connection to your body, practices and rituals to explore further and a fully embodied experience of your divinely Wild feminine form.

This immersion will bring you back home to yourself and we are so excited to have you a long with us for the journey ✨

What's Included:

The Details

12-months of pre-recorded video + audio lectures, rituals, practices, reflections + embodied practices.

3 Live Workshops each season with an expert in their field guest facilitator 

Exploration of your your cycles and phases, your womb space, the seasons + elements, Ayurveda practices and rituals, herbalism, the Divine Feminine, Goddesses + archetypes,  and more!

Join individual modules ($199) or sign up for the Annual Membership ($599) or Monthly Membership ($59/month)

A community + sisterhood created to support you on your womb wisdom journey

4 Modules inspired by the seasons - fall, winter, spring + summer

I am so ready to start

This Program is for you If:

Who is this program for?

You're ready to lean into your feminine power and cultivate a sense of softness, fluidity and an overflow of deep, soulful love in all parts of your day and your life. 

You're ready to release the masculine version of success - and stop forcing yourself to be "on" 24/7.

You've been asking questions about your womb health, your menstrual cycle, fertility, and embodiment for months (maybe even years) and you're finally ready to receive answers beyond just 'take this pill', 'this is perfectly normal', or 'get over it'.

You've been experiencing a sense of pain, of numbness, or disconnection in your body and you're ready to feel and come back home to yourself.

Explore your inner wisdom, develop a deeply intimate & holistic relationship with your body, mind, & spirit. Embrace, nurture, & embody your truly radiant, intuitive, & deeply whole self. We cannot wait to explore your seasons and cycles with you, friend.