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Rest + Restore
@ The Yogini Shoppe

5-week series

Connect with your breath and support your nervous system off the mat, especially as we head into a busy holiday season.

Learn how to slow down, go deeper inside of yourself, and connect with your body and breath in a way that will guide you for years to come. 

Realign with the rhythms of nature as you discover movement as medicine, lean on rituals and community for support, and much more.

This 5-Week Series will help you:

join us on the mat

support your whole system by making space for just you

Balance your hormones + stress levels through breath

Nurture your body with intentional movement

Imagine if you could ...

We put an insane amount of pressure on ourselves to look and perform a certain (perfect) way. These impossible standards create a great deal of chronic, low-grade stress, which often goes unrealized because it’s so commonplace in today’s world. In other words, we don’t even acknowledge the stress. This needs to stop.

What if slowing down was exactly what you need?

"Ciara is a completely amazing human being and instructor/lead trainer. I only knew Ciara as my yoga instructor prior to this training. However, seeing her in her complete element was truly inspiring." - Tina D.

"Ciara is everything I aspire to be in a teacher - energetic, caring, supportive, smart, aware, and so much more!"

"Ciara is a gifted teacher, able to read the room and offer a balanced yoga class that complements the energy, space and level of each student. Thank you all for the mini-retreat this busy Mom really needed this morning. I will be signing up for the next one and bringing friends. What a treat!" - Amber G.

Count me in!

Investment: $125

5-Week Series @ The Yogini Shoppe

Rest + Restore

Over five weeks, we'll drop into body, mind, and spirit to come home to our bodies and find the space between effort and surrender. By making space to slow down and find stillness, this practice will give your nervous system the opportunity to rest and replenish. 

Dates: November 20th - December 18th
Sunday's @ 6:15pm

You'll understand the power of Restorative Yoga. Restorative yoga is a wonderful way of accessing deep relaxation; of understanding that sometimes doing nothing (resting in the now) can be one of the most powerful, supporting and healing practices of all.

Your body and mind will feel softer, which means we can also create the space to get in touch with our natural qualities of compassion and understanding of others and self.

After taking this series ...

During a Restorative yoga sequence, we still stretch, but we’re encouraged to relax fully in the stretch with the aid of the props so that we can release tension and focus on the breath. This helps us to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which helps combat that feeling of ‘overdrive’ that we often find ourselves in.


In Restorative yoga class we use props like bolsters, blankets and blocks to completely support the body in poses and we stay there for up to 10 minutes per pose. There is no muscular effort involved so Restorative yoga can also be helpful to try if you are chronically ill or recovering from injury.


We spend most of our days protecting our heart, consciously or unconciously. This practice invites us to soften and release the armor we layer on ourselves - day in and out. This is your opportunity to rest, to surrender and to breathe space into your heart center.


What's so amazing about restorative yoga?

To say I LOVE learning and teaching about yoga, movement, and wellness is an understatement - I have more than 5,000 hours of teaching and more than 2,000 hours of training under my belt! I've studied under Katie Silcox, Ally Bogard, Abbie Galvin, Jillian Pransky, Sarah Duvall and many more incredible teachers. I love traveling and lead yoga, ayurveda and wellness retreats all over the world.

Figuratively balancing: two girls under four, two dogs, a husband, and a yoga school. Literally balancing: on a paddleboard.

Always learning more about: ayurveda, the divine feminine, restorative yoga, herbalism, plants, gardening, hormones, cycles, and women's health..

Hi there! I'm Ciara and I am so glad you are here...

Let's do this

Are you ready to rest + restore your body, breath and soul?