300-Hour Advanced Teacher Training

Learning Has No Bounds


300-Hour Advanced Teacher Training

Deepen your Knowledge – Refine your Voice – Elevate your Teaching – Align your Practice

This training was designed for yoga teachers looking to expand their knowledge, hone their craft and open themselves up to a blend of multiple yoga traditions and experiences. Our team of coaches are ready to help guide you to the next level of your career, offer their personal insight and wisdom on multiple topics and help you align and elevate your voice, as a student and teacher.

This advanced training is not for everyone. Who shouldn’t do this course? The teacher who doesn’t want to be STRETCHED. This course WILL ask you to stretch and extend yourself intellectually, emotionally, spiritually and physically. You will be bigger than you when you came.

Join us for one of the most in-depth trainings offered on the East Coast with some powerhouse teachers from all over the world. Leave with knowledge, wisdom and the understanding of your personal power + voice so that you can share it with others.


Completion of a 200-Hour Training

Teaching yoga part-time/full-time for at least a year




April 14  –  September 22

Weekday Sessions:

Wednesdays | 2 – 5 PM

Weekend Intensives

Saturdays | 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Sundays | 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

April 17 – 18, May 1 – 2, May 15 – 16, May 22 – 23, June 12 – 13, June 26 – 27, July 10 – 11, July 24- 25, August 14 – 15, September 11 – 12

*Dates subject to change when needed; some dates may be removed for pre-recorded content.


Early Bird Investment: $3,900

A $500 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your space.

Payment Plans:

We work with YOU to create individualized payment plans.

Reach out to us to learn more!


Ciara Desmond, 500-Hour E-RYT

 Ciara Desmond is a 500-Hour E-RYT, Founder + Chief Yoga Officer of Wicked Om Yoga + Ayurvedic Wellness Coach.

Ciara has been a part of the health + wellness community for the last 10 years in multiple capacities and through multiple fitness formats. She is super passionate about movement and health and has more than 5000 hours of teaching and more than 2000 hours of training under her belt.

She is currently enrolled in another 300-Hour Teacher Training focused on Ayurveda, Tantra + The Divine Feminine with Katie Silcox through Shakti Yoga School and will be graduating this December as an Ayurvedic Wellness Coach.

Ciara is super passionate about yoga, movement and wellness and thrives on sharing her knowledge and watching teachers grow – personally and professionally. She cannot wait to connect with you and watch you t h r i v e.

Dani Reidy, 500-Hour E-RYT, Owner of Arrow Yoga + Arrow Retreats

Dani Reidy is a 500 E-RYT who has taught thousands of hours of yoga around the world since 2014. She began her yoga journey through Baptiste Yoga and discovered a passion for the rigorous nature of the asana.  She learned quickly that she admired the more subtle realms of the practice and dove deep into studying the energetics and philosophy, which she continues to diligently learn.

She values being a student first and is curious about the physiological and psychological components of the practice so she can assist herself and others to self regulate in moments of challenge. Dani is proud to have trained with and continues to be inspired by her teachers, Baron Baptiste, Elena Brower, and Ally Bogard. Dani has studied in India with Laughing Lotus teachers, Ali Cramer and Deborah Langley, is certified in the psychology of the chakras from teacher nd author Anodea Judith, and has trained with Abbie Galvin in Katonah Yoga. She is currently studying with Rod Stryker.

Arrow Yoga was created out of Dani’s love for learning and sharing educational yoga courses that impart ancient wisdom through modern translations. Dani is also the owner and founder of Arrow Retreats, a boutique travel company for women. She aims to empower local economies by working with small women owned businesses wherever she travels and has led over 20 retreats in 15 international destinations. She partner with food entrepreneurs, fashion designers, as well as makers and artists all over the world to curate multi dimensional and meaningful travel experiences. Her passion for connection is not only cultivated through yoga but also through ethical and responsible global travel.


Ally Bogard

International Yoga + Meditation Teacher
Lectures: 10-Hour Meditation Training

Mary Dana Abbott

500-Hour E-RYT
Lectures: 15-Hour Katonah Chair Training

Dr. Ariel Ross

Dr. of Physical Therapy +
200-Hour E-RYT
Anatomy Lectures



  • Discover the stories + myths behind Asanas
  • Deep dive into the Yoga Sutras + confidently craft themes for your students to take off their mats
  • Study various teachings from early texts – The Upanishads, The Bhagavad Gita + Hatha Yoga Pradipka
  • Examine the energetics + subtle body anatomy through the Chakra system.


  • Explore multiple meditation practices + incorporate them into your classes.
  • Ayurveda + The Divine Feminine.
  • Tantra Yoga
  • Human Design + The Doshas.
  • Intuitive Herbalism + Self Care.
  • Personal + Professional Development – on and off the mat.


  • Anatomy of Pranayama + Incorporating multiple pranayama’s to your classes.
  • Art of Touch + Ethics of Touch
  • Functional Movement + Safe Alignment
  • Strength, Stability + Longevity
  • Biomechanics of Yoga Asana
  • Principles of the practice: movement and engagement


  • Sequencing methodology – the why and the what of the practice.
  • Teaching effective + purposeful sequences for all of your students.
  • Crafting sequences that allow your students to grow + focus on anatomical + philosophical themes to weave throughout class.
  • Practice teaching modules with live coaching and feedback


  • Chanting, Mantras, Mudras, Myths and astrology that can be easily woven into any style of yoga class to enhance the understanding of yoga.
  • Align: Give energetic + physical support to your students through verbal and physical cues.
  • The Language of Yoga: Sanskrit
  • Special Populations; Pre+Post-natal
  • Restorative Yoga Training
  • Katonah Chair Training


  • Professional + personal development – unlock your goals and passion to build an impactful career.
  • Crafting intentional workshops, private sessions + meaningful retreats.
  • Burnout + How to build (and maintain) a thriving yoga career.



Early Bird Pricing

Payment Plans Available



scholarships available

Up to $1000 in savings!

Deadline to Apply : January 15th, 2020

Taking yoga outside the studio to communities underrepresented in a typical yoga class is key to creating

a diverse range of teaching voices – so all students can feel represented in the classroom.

We are fully committed to making yoga accessible to EVERYONE in our community.

Please help us spread the word about this opportunity!


This scholarship is intended for students who:

  • self-identify as Black, Indigenous, or Person of Color.

  • have a consistent practice and commitment to yoga.

  • have a desire to teach yoga.

  • are able to attend all dates of the training.