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Embodied Mentorship Program

Yoga Teacher 

Our yoga teacher mentorship program is an 8-week online program designed to elevate and inform your teaching and studentship. This program is for the yoga teacher with an open mind and heart who is ready to step into teaching at a whole other level. The teacher who is ready to create classes, workshops, retreats and experiences that are soulfully aligned with their “why”. And for the teacher who is ready to both powerfully serve and thrive - on and off the mat.

Through weekly lecture sessions - both live and pre-recorded - assignments, practice teaching, discussion and more, participants will finish the mentorship program with creative inspiration to bring into their offerings and feel fully embodied in their teachings and practice.

For teachers that are looking to take their teachings & practice to the next level.

Branding yourself, making money, building your social media profile. Market yourself for private/group lessons.

Build a home practice and learn ways to take care of YOU moving forward.

05: Brand & Self-care

Deepen your understanding of yoga history & philosophy through the Yoga Sutras.

Find more ways to bring yoga philosophy into your classes and to your students. Weave themes into your class seamlessly and invite and encourage your students to live their yoga off their mats.

04: Depth

Design and build sequences that inspire you and best fit the needs of your students.

Design and build programs, workshops and retreats from a more embodied lens. We’ll also discuss how you design and build out your days, weeks, months, years – the big picture - from and Ayurvedic viewpoint.

03: Design

Discover the power of your most authentic voice as a teacher (and human!). Discover the power of music, silence, sound to provide an experience for each of your students.

02: Discover

Define your WHY as a yoga teacher and practitioner. Find absolute confidence in your voice as a yoga teacher and leader in your community.

01: Define

Program Overview

Building embodied workshops and designing yoga retreats

Branding yourself, making money, and building your social media profile

Teaching transformative private sessions and group classes

Self care, building a home practice and taking care of YOU

Defining your why and your intention as a teacher

Finding your most authentic-voice as a teacher (and human!)

Creating a path for your unique offerings and how to move forward and offer them to the world

Crafting sequences, playlists and offerings that serve your students

Weekly Live lectures
Additional pre-recorded content + resources
Practice teaching, authentic feedback + discussion
& a welcome gift from Ciara!

What's included:

This program is designed for yoga teachers that are looking to take their teachings, practice and studentship to the next level. It’s for any yoga instructor that’s looking for some more guidance and tools to continue to grow your voice as a teacher.

This mentorship-based yoga program is designed to elevate and inform your teaching and studentship. Over 8 weeks, you'll work with Ciara to hone in on a more embodied way of teaching and practicing. Leave with a deeper understanding of your WHY as a yoga teacher and practitioner and have absolute confidence in your voice as a yoga teacher and leader.

What is the mentorship program?

Next Start Date: February 2022

The Details

Lecture Topics:

Our 8-Week Mentorship program includes:

2-hour Live Weekly Lectures

Additional Pre-Recorded Content + Resources

Weekly practice with ciara

Practice Teaching, Discussion and Assignments

Creative Inspiration 

Embodied Business Strategy

+ Tailored Mentorship based off your personal needs as a student + Teacher

The Format

I took my first teacher training back in 2013 and was fortunate enough to have several mentors as I jumped into teaching yoga classes and throughout my yoga teaching journey. But there was still a huge learning curve throughout my teaching career.

I created this program out of wishing I had something like this when I first started teaching. A space where I could chat through the struggles of teaching and maintaining my personal practice. A person I could bounce class ideas and themes off of and receive real, authentic feedback to help me grow - as a student and teacher. 

Many of you have been craving a mentor – someone you can look to for support, advice and inspiration, which is why I built this program. It’s for YOU!

Ciara Desmond, 500 E-RYT

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