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a 3-month immersion to Nurture your body, heal your gut and balance your hormones

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The Pathway: An Ayurveda + Holistic Wellness Immersion

Your doctor says there’s nothing they can do and you leave your appointment with more questions than answers (enter: the terrifying Google rabbit hole)

You schedule a visit with a specialist so they can run more (expensive) tests. Still no definitive answers. Getting nowhere, you silence your feelings of discomfort and just accept that this is your new normal.

You’re told there’s nothing wrong with you (which would be great news if your body actually felt fine)

All your lab work comes back “normal” (but wait, you don’t feel normal)

Has this ever happened to you? You notice that your body feels “off” so you schedule an appointment with your doctor. You expect to get a quick diagnosis and treatment plan to alleviate your symptoms so you can feel better and be on your way. But then…

It's maddening when your blood tests are 'normal', but your health isnt.

join the pathway

Lets get them together

Your symptoms are real. Your experiences are valid.
You deserve answers.

Save hundreds of hours of Googling, reading random books and podcasts and get the exact tools you need

Start feeling empowered by your body, trust your intuition and get to the root cause of your symptoms

Learn how to eat for nourishment + have balanced blood sugar, a healthy gut + happy hormones

Imagine if you could ...

You, my friend, are the expert!

single most qualified person on the planet when it comes to the subject of: YOU.

But it doesn’t always feel that way, huh? 

We tend to think other people are the experts; that other people know more about us – and what’s best for us - than we do.

That’s just not true. You are the expert of YOU. And when you get a feeling that something in your body feels wrong, you’re usually right.

What if I told you that it doesn't have to be that way?

The Pathway


Nurture your Body.
Heal Your Gut.
Balance Your Hormones

Introducing ...

Processed foods and chemicals that we put in – and on – our bodies

Having kids later in life, either by choice or circumstance

The 24/7 news cycle

One word: p o l i t i c s

Work stress and the glorification of hustle culture – on top of the invisible work at home

The expectation to always be “on” and available by phone, text, and email

No wonder womxn are burning out. These stressors are wreaking havoc on our bodies and our ability to rest, sleep, digest food, and regulate our hormones. It manifests as insomnia, pain and inflammation, acne, fatigue, and weight gain – just to name a few.

Womxn today are inundated with an avalanche of modern-day shifts and stressors

You’re willing to dive deeper into knowing yourself more and taking a deeper look into your own habits and what you consume, from the food you eat to the people you surround yourself with.

You’re open to changing what you’re doing and how you’re doing it – you can’t recover from burnout by going to spin 6 days a week.

You are willing to make a long term commitment to your health. There is no one-size-fits-all solution or quick fix to healing. It will take a lot of trial and error to figure out what works best for you and your body.

You’re open to being a critical listener and thinker. You need to be okay with your health journey not being what you thought it was going to be, or looking like everyone else’s.

The Pathway is right for you if:

An important part of healing is being in community with others.

You’ve tried all the traditional routes, like over-the-counter medications, seeing your doctor, getting your bloodwork done, and you still don’t have any answers. Despite what your lab work says, you know something is wrong.

There is no one path to healing your body (whew!) and healing doesn’t only happen in a doctor’s office. If you feel like you’ve hit a dead end, you can forge a different path on your healing journey. 

When your body is sounding the alarm,
trust your intuition

Learn how to become your own advocate who knows how to listen, ask questions, and respond to your body’s cues when it needs attention. As an empowered excavator and the expert of YOU, you will feel confident and supported to heal.

Tap into a supportive 3-month healing container that blends  Ayurveda with yogic philosophy, holistic wellness, and embodied self-care by womxn, for womxn.

The Pathway: An Ayurveda + Holistic Wellness Immersion

And so a path to wellness appears....

The big F word: Frustrated & just generally tired of feeling tired. 

Like you’re crazy because everyone keeps telling you you’re fine (you’re not fine)

Like crap (and wondering, “Will I feel this way forever?”)

I know you're tired of feeling...

A deep dive into three modalities of health and wellness: Ayurveda, Hormone Health + Gut Wellness

Lectures + discussions include video, audio and transcripts so that you can watch, listen or read based off your learning style. 

weekly educational modules

What's Included in The Pathway?

Private community page to connect with your peers, share your story + support one another.

Food is medicine. Learn how to support your whole system through nourishing foods + herbs.

Nourishing Recipes + Support

Join Ciara for live restorative yoga + meditation sessions. Calming your nervous system is so important when balancing hormones. Classes are live + recorded so you can watch at any time.

Bonus group coaching sessions with our team of ayurvedic + holistic wellness coaches.

Live Coaching + 1:1 Wellness support

Program was designed for all-levels and encourages you to listen to your body while gaining strength.

Balanced movement routine specifically designed for Hormone + Gut Health.

12-week Strength Training Program

Access to an on-demand library chalk full of restorative yoga practices, meditations + more.

Seasonally inspired Ayurveda practices that help you heal from the inside out.

Ayurveda, Meditation + Yoga Practices

1:1 appointment with Lauren Ahola, MS, RDN, Women’s Health Specialist & Functional Medicine Dietitian 

Program includes DUTCH adrenal + hormone test OR GI Map Test. Additonal cost if you'd like to receive both.

Functional Lab Testing + 1:1 Holistic Nutrition Session*

*Tier 1 Only

Lets fill your cup

Taking care of yourself isn't selfish. We must first fill our own cup before we can give to others.

As you take your first steps onto The Pathway, you’ll learn the ABCs of Ayurveda - one of the world’s most holistic healing systems. You’ll discover your Dosha (or energy type) and how to literally go with the energetic flow of your body. Your kitchen is about to become your favorite space in your home (if it isn’t already). You’ll learn how to set up your kitchen to nourish you for life, how to eat for your period, the phases of your cycle, and how to eat with the seasons. You’ll learn how to stock your pantry and how to use herbalism and tinctures to support your cells.

Module 1: Ayurveda

Some of our favorite workshops + lectures in this module include:

  • Ayurvedic Kitchen: Setting up an Ayurvedic Kitchen + Cooking Kitchari
  • Living Intentionally With The Seasons + Five Elements
  • The Doshas + Digestion: Food, Feelings + Healing

Gut health, probiotics, microbiome – these buzzwords have become popular over the last few years, but what do they really mean and how are they affecting your health? Consider this module the Intro to Gut Health 101 you never got (but should have!). We’ll kick off by giving your gut the TLC it deserves with a 28-day reset to improve your gut microbiome. You’ll learn how to get to the root of gut imbalances, how chronic gut issues exacerbate stress and inflammation, the connection between your gut and hormones, and how you can listen to the wisdom of your body.

Module 2: Gut Health 

Some of our favorite live workshops + lectures in this module include:

  • 28 Day Reset: Improving your Gut Microbiome
  • Stress, Inflammation + Chronic Gut Issues
  • Healing the Gut with Herbs + Supplements
  • The Connection: Gut Health + Hormone Health
  • Body Speak: Listening To and Understanding the Wisdom of the Body

Let’s bring your hormones back into balance, their happy place. You’ll learn about hormone health for womxn and how to balance your blood sugar like a Glucose Goddess (plus ways to keep it steady throughout the day). We’ll have frank conversations about fertility health and how to choose the best form of birth control for you. Then you’ll learn how to reclaim the art of rest (see ya later, hustle culture!) by tending to your heart and the earth through the seasons. 

Module 3: Happy Hormones

Some of our favorite live workshops + lectures in this module include:

  • Balance your Hormones, Balance your Life
  • Tending to the Earth, Tending to Your Heart
  • Glucose Goddess: Balancing your Blood Sugar
  • How Food Affects Hormones & How to Eat for Optimal Hormone Health

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Course modules

join the pathway

A Pathway to know yourself better. And that, my friend, is life changing.

Ayurveda is the science of life. I know, I know, the word “science” might make your eyes want to glaze over, but stay with me! Ayurveda teaches us how our physical, emotional, and mental response varies season-by-season. It’s totally unique to YOU. 

When you begin to know yourself better, you have the knowledge and awareness of what your body is actually needing. Then you can better nourish and take care of yourself (and the people that rely on you).

… and that changes everything.

I can’t offer you a magic pill (sorry!), but I can offer you a Pathway - to nurture your body, heal your gut, and balance your hormones.

What do you do when your blood work is normal...but your health isn’t? So many of us get blood work done and are told nothing is 'wrong' with us or that our levels are in 'range'. But we know something isn't right and want more answers. Enter - functional lab testing! 

Sometimes the answers to our health issues aren't as obvious or clear as we would like them to be so we have to do a little bit more digging. In this program, you have the opportunity to work with functional nutritionists and board-certified dietitians one-on-one to help you get the answers you are looking for.

Why get functional lab testing?

Functional lab tests included in The Pathway (Tier 1 only):

  • GI Map Test and/or
  • Dutch PLUS Test

Learn more about Functional Lab Testing

Feeling like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders because you have the power to take your health back.


Empowered to be your own advocate, using your intuition and voice to never stop asking questions.


Knowledgeable about how to give yourself nourishment through food, emotional regulation, and stillness.


Supported to heal your body because you better understand what it’s trying to tell you + you're really starting to listen.


There are no dead ends on this Pathway. Instead, you’ll walk away feeling...

It takes a certain level of bravery and courage to do things differently; to not know what to expect.

The best way to begin this journey is in a warm, welcoming environment. This is a no judgment zone. 

My hope is that you feel really welcomed and nourished from the inside out as you walk along The Pathway.

But, seriously...

Week 4: Finding Balance in your Digestion - Food, Emotions, Work, Relationships and more

Bonus Content: Discovering your Dosha Type, Using your Dosha to Find Balance, Nourishment for Life: Food as Medicine, Soma: Tending to your Ojas, Vitality + Wellness, Eating for your Moontime, Embodied + Radical Self-Care, Putting Plant Medicine into Practice,  Embodied Self-Care: Meditation, Breathwork, and Ritual, Ayurvedic Kitchen: Setting up Your Space + Cooking Kitchari

Week 3: Living Intentionally through the Seasons

Week 2: Healing through Ayurveda

Week 1: Introduction to Ayurveda + The Doshas 

Month 1: Ayurveda

Each module includes live weekly lectures plus short, easily digestible on-demand videos. Audio recordings and transcripts are also included so you can watch, listen and read depending on the learning style that suits you best!

3-Month Program

Week 4:  Stress, Inflammation + Chronic Gut Issues

Bonus Content: Introduction to your Endocrine System, Gut Health & Thyroid Connection: Infections, Leaky Gut, Food Sensitivities & Gluten, Autoimmune Disorders, Nutrition 101: Healing your Gut through Food, Movement + Meditation, Gut Support: Using Herbs to Heal, 28-Day Reset: Improving your Gut Microbiome, Adrenal Support: Stress, Sleep, Digestion and Gut Health, Intuitive Eating , etc.

Week 3: The Gut, Women's Heath + Hormone Connection

Week 2: Body Speak: Listening to + Understanding the Wisdom of the Body

Week 1: Getting to the Root of Gut Imbalances

Month 2: Heal your Gut

Week 4:  Glucose Goddess: Balancing your Blood Sugar

Bonus Content: Understanding your Cycle; Cyclical Living: Embodying your Cycle; Finding Balance + Supporting your Cycle through Food; Period Reboot + Hormonal Imbalances; Optimizing your Fertility + Overall Wellness; The Art of Rest; Menopause + Perimenopause; Endometriosis + The Different Types of PCOS; Birth Control 101: What Type of Birth Control is Best for You?; Blood Sugar + Insulin Resistance; Hormones 101: Estrogren, Testosterone, etc.

Week 3: Hormone Health for Womxn: The What, The Why + The How

Week 2: Tending to the Earth + Tending to your Heart

Week 1: Balance your Hormones, Balance your Life

Month 3: Balance your Hormones

Owner of Wild Women Wellness, Herbalist, Yoga Teacher + Reiki practitioner

Samantha Carney

MS, CNS, LDN, Owner of LeaNutrition, Holistic Nutritionist + Yoga Teacher

ms, cns, ldn, E-RYT 200, Fitness Instructor

Lauren Ahola

Alexa Bedingfield

Melissa Maxwell

Owner of well by melissa, yoga teacher, Holistic health + wellness coach

Owner of whole beeing, 500-Hour E-ryt, Holistic health + wellness coach

Beth Newell

Owner of Wicked Om Yoga + Ayurveda, 500-Hour E-RYT, Ayurvedic Wellness Coach, IIN Hormone Health Coach

Ciara Desmond

Meet your guides

More about Lauren

More about melissa

more about alexa

More about sam

More about beth

The Pathway offers all the information Ciara wishes she had, before investing thousands of dollars into “figuring out her health.” She’s distilled down all the research she collected and all that she’s learned on her health journey to deliver one program with the most powerful information she wishes all women had—all at a fraction of the cost of you doing it on your own.

Dutch Testing + Shipping | $650 value
Lab Analyzation + 1:1 Appointment | $850 value
Live Workshops led by Ciara + Other Experts | $900 value
12-Week Strength Training Program | $525 value
Over 20 Hours of Curated Educational Material | $2500 value
Private Community Page + Support | $300 value

Tier 2 is a great option for someone who has already done testing & feels good about their results and do not desire additional testing; or someone for whom Tier 1 is not financially feasible, but would still like to participate in the group program to implement the dietary & lifestyle support for hormone balance.

Tier 1 includes:

  • Cost of Dutch PLUS ($650 value) or GI Map ($600 value)
  • 1:1 appointment with Lauren Ahola & personalized nutrition support
  • The course, community page, group coaching + live and on-demand practices

Tier 2 Includes:

  • Course, community, group coaching & all live classes.
  • Does NOT include DUTCH Plus, GI Map, 1:1 appointment or personalized protocol.

$2899+ pay in full 
or 4 monthly payments of $799+

$1499 pay in full
or 4 monthly payments of $400

Investment Breakdown

This program is valued at over $5000.

Tier 1

Tier 2

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The Pathway: An Ayurveda + Holistic Wellness Immersion